Owner’s Representation / Project Management

Serving Hotels, Education, Healthcare, Retail, and Restaurants

Global's Owner's Representation/Project Management services manage the project from the beginning of the design phase through to the project's completion. Our Owner's Representation/Project Management Team work as liaisons between the owner and all of the other related parties involved in the project to include: Architect, Engineers, Interior Designers, General Contractor, Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Vendors, most of which are in-house staff.

Why choose Global Construction & Development Corp?

  • 30 years of construction experience
  • Creative Value Engineering capabilities
  • The majority of trades are performed by in-house staff to better control quality, efficiency, and project costs
  • License and permit capacities in most US states and the Caribbean Islands
  • State-of-the art communications and operations systems
  • Rapid-response mobilization and fast-track schedule

Owner's Representation/Project Management Delivery Method:

Global Construction & Development Corp.'sOwner's Representative/Project Management Team perform:

  • the design development process to ensure project scope is achieved
  • the overall project budget (including FF&E and other non-design/construction related costs)
  • the bidding process
  • assist with jurisdictional reviews and project related mitigation issues
  • construction related activities, including pay applications
  • project close-out and occupancy
  • move management and relocation

Our Owner's Representative/ Project Management Team provide:

  • Time Savings – We take care of the heavy workload related to managing a construction project. This allowsyou to be engaged and informed without being overwhelmed or burdened.
  • Cost Savings – Wecreate a comprehensive project budget that includes hard and soft costs,generate the master budget, and track expenses related to progress on the project.We assist on preventing delays and miscommunications, saving you money.
  • On- Time Scheduling – We work with the project’s teams to build a master schedule, so we can track it, stay on top of it, and keep costs in order.
  • Superior Quality – We adhere to high-quality standards for all services and deliverables we provide our clients.
  • Scope Identification – We define the project teams' roles and outline their responsibilities.
  • Hiring and Contract Negotiation - We generate the RFP, interview, and negotiate contracts.
  • Latest Software Systems – We manage countless documents on your behalf. We utilize project management software that allows the exchange of information and filing of records.
  • Best Practice Communication – We facilitate communications across all project teams to ensure project clarity.
  • Peace of Mind – We followindustry protocols reducing your time involved in the project, and minimizing unexpected costs.