Traditional Construction

Serving Hotels, Education, Healthcare, Retail, and Restaurants

Global Construction & Development Corp. offers clients the traditional approach to construction of Design–bid–build. It is a project delivery method in which the agency or owner contracts with separate entities for the design and construction of a project.This delivery method offers the advantage of being widely applicable, well understood, with well-established and clearly defined roles for the parties involved. It offers the owner a significant amount of control over the end product, as the facility's features are determined and specified prior to selection of the contractor, and subcontractor suppliers.

After the general contractor and architect's team create preliminary drawings and the final design is set, the general contractor presents it to interested subcontractors and suppliers. He then prepares bids for work/supplies, selects the subcontractors/suppliers, and executes their contracts. The contractors and suppliers that are selected are responsible for constructing the facility in accordance with the design. The Architect typically maintains limited oversight of the work and responds to questions about the design on behalf of the Owner.

Why choose Global Construction& Development Corp.?

  • 30 years of construction experience
  • Creative Value Engineering capabilities
  • License and permit capacities in most US states and the Caribbean Islands
  • State-of-the art communications and operations systems
  • Rapid-response mobilization and fast-track schedule

Advantages of Design–bid–build Approach

  • Competitive Bidding Process
  • Easy to Manage, Universally Understood
  • Defined Project Prior to Bid
  • Architect Works as Agent to Owner (Vision & Quality)
  • Design Integrity
  • Multiple Solutions

Design–Bid–Build Delivery Method:

Phases of Design–Bid–Build: